Saturday, April 23, 2011


Found this comic in the forums!
I know that feeling, whenever I forget breakfast and I'm on the run I'll stop by McDonalds or Burger King for some goodness. Aaand then for the next few days, too. :[
Postan' tonight =D

! One of my posts didn't go up at the scheduled time. Better late than never, I suppose


  1. Why do we do this to ourselves, lol?

  2. Also goes for drinking, weed, dessert and many more

  3. ive been dieting this year and im down 15 lbs, well last weekend friends wanted to go to steak n shake for burgers. "oh just 1 night wont hurt" i thought, lol i went like 4 nights in a row with them. comic is very true. good blog!